How to go 360° in 360 Days

A month by month challenge to simplify and empower your whole world.

Diving into the deep waters of finding myself and my core values inspired me to remove from my life everything that was not absolutely fulfilling. The whole minimalist movement has been pretty big so it was already on my radar. At a glance the whole idea seemed centered around tiny houses and white tables with single succulents on them. Wardrobes with 10 expensive items people who don’t have children and don’t DO anything wore. But then….I came across a quote on Instagram one day.

I’ve learned that minimalism is not about what you own, it’s about why you own it.

-Brian Gardner

So I began to really search and study and read everything I could get my hands on. I realized that for so many people out there their journey of decluttering and minimizing led to the spilling over of purposefulness into other areas of their lives.  I wanted this to happen, but not by chance or happenstance. I wanted to prioritize my change. I needed to not get through a month of purging and organizing to just fizzle out and stop. Or to get to a tough spot with overpacked days and not know what to do because I had no rubric for making those decisions. I would likely end up right where I started to begin with. I didn’t want to give up discovering a simpler more purposeful future when life happened, as I knew it would. I WANT MORE JOY. I WANT MORE LIFE. I want to change.  So I really tried to think through the whole process from top to bottom.

Desiring change, even talking about change…is not change.

or so I’ve read.

I needed a game-plan. I needed to know that I was working on a deeper end-goal than just my closet or my calendar. There were so many areas to address because life is so much more than tupperware, jeans, toys and park days.

I needed to change…Me.

So here it is at a glance. Months of contemplating boiled down into a few simple titles. Here is my attempt at shifting my physical and mental paradigm to a simpler, more intentionally driven life.

pumped up to start my 360 day simplicity challenge!

Join me on my journey! Follow this calendar, or make your own. Either way let’s be life goal buddies.

More details on each month as they unfold! Each month’s title will become a link to a post once it transpires. Alright- enough talk. Lets do this!

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 1.40.27 PM


The First Step To Figuring Out Who You Really Are  & 2 Paths To Discovering Your Core Values

How I Rise & Shine

How to Declutter Your House in 15 Minutes a Day (formerly known as the House Elimination Diet Part 1)

How to Have Your Christmas and Minimize It Too (aka the House Diet Part 2)


How to Try A Capsule Wardrobe for 31 Days (aka the 30 day Capsule Wardrobe Challenge)

February: Why Simple Beauty Is Best

March: How To Make Mealtime Simple

April:  Fast Spring Cleaning = More Time = Book Club Month!

May: Simplicity Parenting- just in time for summer!

June: Budgeting vs Spending less

July: When to Say No: A Study In Essentialism

August: How To Ignite Your Passions

And then it’s new goals time again! Write down your goals for the coming year. Should we do another 360 challenge? What area of your life do you want to tackle and simplify? Where do you need to find more joy?


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