I Am Simply- ME

I have a confession.

I confess that I have no confession. Ha!

So I’m not trying to sound profound or poetic or anything. I am confessing that I don’t have a truly tragic life story, a magnanimous life of wealth and beauty, or a super successful career. I am not a published author or inventor of some cool gadget. I have worked outside the home and in. I have my regrets, my proud moments, my trials. I am a petite woman in her mid thirties, wife to a tall wonderful man, and mother to three precocious young children. I am a daughter of God, a devout Christian, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I even wear braces. I am simply me. Taylor.

So why would I ever want to start a blog?

Because I’ve found myself.

I have begun to uncover ME. The me I have been searching for for a long time. Have you ever wanted to stop wishing you were the people you follow on Instagram and wake up excited to be… YOU?

I’ve dabbled in reading and researching over the years about many topics. From happiness and forgiveness to cleaning and simplifying and organizing. My husband and I have crazily budgeted (I’m still horrible at it let me tell you..) through the student years and bought things we regret during the first working years. The scriptures teach about having joy and also about having a house of order. I always dreamed of a life that was clean and crisp feeling with purpose and intent and a me that was confident in what I was doing. Not a perfect life free of trial by any means, I’d like to think I’m not delusional, but one that was lived on purpose. But when I would wake up I would be the same girl reacting to each day, buying what I thought would make the aforementioned life possible, and wrestling with my husband and my inner self about how to make long term goals and dreams align with reality, and “the budget”- AND what I saw “out there”.

The life that others seemed to portray in those amazing pictures on social media.

Maybe if I could dress like her, or organize like her, or parent like her then I would find it.

Anyway… On to the punch line.

2017 changed me. Two a-ha moments ignited the kindling that had been gathering in my mind and in an instant there was an illumination of everything I had struggled to fulfill my whole life. You can get the backstory to how I got started on Values here  and here. (Don’t worry- they link to each other so you don’t have to come back here!)

I began devouring books* and blogs and articles on how to discover your core values, on simple living, minimalism, essentialism, spending less etc. In researching a path started to form. I took endless notes on my little white amazon basics notepads (love those!) While I wanted my new me instantly- I’m not a patient person by nature when it comes to myself- I could see that for lasting change this needed to be an inside out, paradigm shift.  So I set out to determine a course of action. A gameplan to a better life. This is how the 360° in 360 Days Challenge was born and subsequently Simply Taylor.

I was changed because someone else shared their insights and experience. I would like to pay it forward. Not because I am an expert, quite the contrary, because I am a novice. I am experimenting and learning every day which I think helps with perspective. I am in the nitty gritty of change. In the new afterglow of discovery that carries with it fervor and passion un-dimmed by time.

I wake up excited to be me and I think everyone can.

And in keeping with one of my core values of sharing and contributing I am sending my thoughts out into the ether.

This is my journey.




*A list of books I’ve read and am currently reading can be found here.


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