10 Signs You Should Consider Finding Your Core Values

Do any of these statements ring true for you? Are you answering yes to even one?

10. I have too many “friends” or random relationships I can’t keep up with

9. I feel like you don’t know who I am any more

8. My kids/family have taken over my hobbies

7. I don’t think I have any real talents

6. I have past regrets that keep me from moving forward

5. I can’t remember the last time I did something I absolutely loved

4. My house and my wardrobe don’t feel quite right, quite me, or incomplete

3. I can’t list five things that make me truly happy

2. I have a hard time making decisions

1. I don’t feel satisfied or content with my life

If you agreed with even one of these statements then I think it is high time you discovered the real you. The confident awesome you that’s deep inside.

We should all be able to wake up each day excited to be ourselves.

To do what makes us happy, and make what we have to do more enjoyable and purposeful. Want to find out how I did it? You pick which one of the  two options that will change your life.



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