360 Degrees in 360 Days

A month by month challenge to simplify and empower my whole world.

I really tried to think through the whole process I wanted for myself. As I mentioned in my Instagram post at the beginning of this whole thing I was finding so much more than just house decluttering information as I pursued minimalism. So I began to really search and study and read everything I could get my hands on. I realized that while so many just started getting rid of STUFF and then down the road came to values, I wanted to prioritize my change. I needed to not get through a month of purging and organizing to just fizzle out and stop. Or to get to a tough spot in eliminating- or replacing something I got rid of- and not know what to do because I had no rubric for making those decisions and I would likely end up right where I started to begin with. I WANT MORE JOY. I want to change. Desiring change, even talking about change…is not change. I needed a game-plan. So here it is at a glance. Months of contemplating boiled down into a few titles. Here is my attempt at shifting my paradigm to a more intentionally driven life.

More details on each month as they unfold! (Ill link to the monthly posts here once they are written.)


September: The Value of Values

October:  Rise and Shine

November: House Elimination Diet Phase 1

December: House Elimination Diet Phase 2 & Experience Based Holiday and gift giving


January: House Elimination Diet Phase 3 (finish the closets) + 30 day Capsule wardrobe challenge

February: Simplify your skin care and Beauty Routine

March: Simple Meal Planning and Purchasing

April:  Fast Spring Cleaning = More Time = Book Club Month!

May: Simplicity Parenting- just in time for summer!

June: Budgeting vs Spending less

July: When to Say No (Practicing Essentialism)

August: Discover Your Passions

New goals! Write down your goals for the coming year + suggestions for posts 



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