How I Rise & Shine

When do you wake up? Are you good at waking up early? Are you a morning person?

Waking up early for me is really hard. I mean, like, REALLY hard. When I read the section in Ruth Soukup’s book, Living Well Spending Less, about how she has set up her morning routine I thought, “YES! This is such a good idea. This is what I need to start my day and be purposeful and productive.” I used to have one when I worked outside the home before choosing to be a stay at home mom. For the first time in a long time though I had a deep desire to wake up with more intent. To wake up FOR my family and FOR me, not wake up TO my kids.

The first morning I got up I was all vigor and I leapt out of bed to begin this new adventure of being awesome. That’s really what I said. And I was awesome, I shone bright… for about 2 days.

Staying up at night and waking early caught up and my middle child started waking up during the night and then my mojo was gone. I dimmed. It took everything in me to wake up the next morning and make it through the day. Thank you Crio Bru and Dr. Pepper10 for helping me that day.

I’m now 30 days into this new routine -and hopeful that someday it will become ritual- but it is still brutal sometimes. I mean, MEAN. Yep. that’s the word for it right there. But it is getting better. Getting easier-ish. As I live the days more intentionally and as I plan better I am getting better at fitting in quality time with my husband AND getting to bed on time with more regularity. Which means I can get up and into my routine, my almost ritual without as much struggle. I do love the quiet hour of reading and reflection and learning. I’m more adept at tackling the day when I am up before it and ready to shine.

Hindsight even at this short in the game is great because I can say super cliché things like “it is worth it” and “I’m so glad I did it” etcetera.

I don’t get up at 4AM and my kids definitely don’t sleep until 8AM but I do try to get some me time in before the day gets rolling. I get up at 5:15 (cuz no matter how hard we try we cannot seem to hit the pillow at 10 on the dot- and I’m trying for this ideal 7 hours of sleep thing?? I know, I could get by on less but…but…)

So 5:15 I rise, and there is definitely no shine yet, unless it’s the one on my forehead.

A big drink of water from the trusty bottle on my nightstand I thankfully remembered to fill last night, a trip to the bathroom(TMI)- a splash of water on my face- and I’m off!

Grab the phone, scriptures, book- or three- I’m currently reading, pen and pad of paper and head to MY chair under the lamp in the front room. update: Don’t know if you saw my Insta post or not but my children have discovered that I wake up earlier now. They manifest at my side like zombies in World War Z if I take one step out of my room so for now I am quarantined to my bed or the closet. I am seriously missing my chair these days. Waiting for this phase to pass- it will pass won’t it? won’t it?????

5:20 Kneel for prayers

5:25 10 minute Sunrise Yoga routine to wake me up and get my blood pumping

Sunrise yoga

journal and food-1-3

5:35 Scripture reading

5:55 Begin book reading and taking notes. I sometimes stick with one book, other times bounce between several in the time allotted. Sometimes I use the time to write down thoughts for the blog or organize my brain dump and prioritize tasks for the day.

6:40 Time to wake up the boy and get him and hubby (whose also been up since 5 reading) fed and off to school and work.

7:00 Girls are up by now and eating too

7:20 Boys leave

By 9 we are all up and fed and dressed (most days…)

Baby is usually back down for a nap by 9:30 which is when I do one on one time with the toddler and then write for a few minutes while she plays by me.

Update time! Since starting my morning routines baby has gotten bigger, I have gotten stronger from having said baby and surgery 4 months after that, and we joined the gym! So now our days toggle between gym and daughter’s dance and grocery shopping etc. Baby naps late morning now and that is where we will pick up. I’m sure you are SO intrigued by our life. Ha!!

This is not exactly every day. There will be sick days and tired days and sick’n’tired days when things don’t go perfectly. Babies will wake in the night and sometimes I hope it is just super fun days or vacations! But having a goal, a routine to get up for is actually so awesome. It starts my day on purpose- and finding more purpose is what this is all about! Getting up allows me to carve out time to fulfill some of my values, or at least plan my day so that I do. When I am fulfilling my values I am happier, more content and confident in who I am and what I am doing.

You’ve got to find yourself first. Everything else will follow.

-Charles De Lint


What routines work for you? Maybe you are a night owl? Your most creative and productive time is after the day is done? At your lunch hour?

You find the time thats right for you and TAKE IT BACK. Its yours. Rise each day and shine bright!




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