How to Have Your Christmas & Minimize It Too



The big issue?  The house diet months just happened to fall on the two biggest holiday times of the year! I made my 360 calendar a while back not sure when I would really start it. A series of life events we will call them sorta postponed my plans over and over again. But that is OK! I can do this. You can do this. Any time of year. I will not be deterred by turkeys or twinkling lights.

So no more chit chat. This month goes by too fast for that! Here’s the skinny. We tackle one big area the first part of the month. Then focus on a simple and experienced based holiday, and then finish the month off with one more small challenge. Sound doable? Cool.



Pre Holiday Declutter

For me this will be the master closet aka my wardrobe. I plan to yank everything out and evaluate every. single. item. I’ll go through piece by piece and trash, donate, save or hang. The KonMari Method at work here. I want to get down to all the things I actually wear and fit into my life right now. From those I will be deciding on 33 items I can wear for the month of January as a capsule challenge. If I don’t have 33 that will work together then I may need to make a very short list of a few items that I think will tie what I DO HAVE together. I can utilize after Christmas sales or what I was given as gifts to do this on a restricted budget.   You can come along with me on this excursion right here.




Simple Holiday

I know you are asking: How could we possibly have time for minimizing with THE holiday approaching? Here’s how.

We revisit our values again and focus this year on an experience based and simple holiday. What might that look like you ask? Let’s try a 5 Gift Christmas and 15 ways to Experience Christmas! That’s what we are working with around here.



Post Holiday Declutter*


Christmas is over, New Years is approaching and we have just enough time to declutter one more space. What could be more fitting than heading to the toys? Help those few new things fit in just right by following the one in one out rule. For every new thing have your kids help you identify one thing that can either be trashed or given away to someone who could get some joy from it. With new fun things on their radar they are more likely to be groovy with getting rid of some stuff. If you run into trouble, try the thief in the night approach.

Here are some good resources that will pump you up for the task.

Why I Took My Kids Toys

How to Declutter the Toys-

*Update: The holidays went well and I was pleasantly surprised that toy decluttering was not really necessary. So I spent my after holiday decluttering on my digital world instead. Head over here for some tips on that.

Decluttering phone pictures




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