5 Deep Things I learned From My Wardrobe


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So I’m sitting here on my last day of the month experimenting with a capsule wardrobe. I’ve been wearing the same 33 items in a mix and match fashion all month long in an effort to practice contentment and also to try out this new fad in minimalism.

I’ve been noting my feelings and thoughts all month.notes There are notes on baggy sweaters not being flattering on me, coats that hit to long and make me look shorter, and notes on how in Texas I need a more items from other seasons because it is so darn unpredictable here. But aside from those little bits on clothes themselves I actually wrote down a few more poignant things. Want to know the deepest things I learned? Bear with me here. I know it is just clothes but there really are a few things you can learn about yourself when you analyze what you wear.

  1. Clothes tell a story about you. Mine do. My first and foremost duty is as a mother. So my clothes are washable fabrics in flexible and modest lines. The first thought would be to wear yoga pants and t-shirts. However, I still like to look cute I guess, or put together- so does my husband- and so I tend to like a pair of jeans with a rip in the knee or an asymmetrical zipper or a flattering top. I can let my personality show through my clothes. I am not defined by poopy diapers or sack lunches. I am me and I can pick my clothes accordingly. We all buy clothes. No matter our budget. We make a decision on what to spend $10 on or $100 on. If I am more purposeful about what I spend any amount on and shop smart I can wear what makes me feel good. Which leads me to another thought…
  2. Clothes have the power to transform. Put on a power suit and you feel ready for closing statements, put on yoga pants and you feel like doing yoga (or watching a movie and eating ice cream….no judgement here…) Put on your sexiest jeans and a cute top and heels and the town is yours. Clothes can transform us- for good or not as good. Find what makes you powerful. My compromise of the white button down blouse and slacks vs the t-shirt and leggings? Stretchy black ponte pants and my drapey royal blue pocketed shirt. Comfort meets business. And I’m ready to take on the supermarket.
  3. Clothes help me be me. When I feel like ME- I accomplish more and feel more confident. Case of the chicken and the egg here- not sure which really comes first but both are good…accomplish more and feel more confident or feel more confident and accomplish more. Either way it is a win win. I had more confident and accomplished days this month…and I think it was because it was not only easy to get ready but I was challenging myself to mix clothes and get out of my joggers.
  4. Clothes can cost less. I have gained a better understanding of what it is exactly that I like to wear. What does this mean for the future? It means spending less money. If I do this capsule thing again, and I think I will, I now know that I really need to make sure my closet is not just full of basics but a nice combination of basics and pieces that fit a rubric. They have to have detail, be within certain colors, and fit me just right. My capsule was all mixable I guess, and I while I thought I loved all the items at the start- my favorites made their way to the front quite quickly. Capsules have the potential to get boring.  That is a “myth” I thought I set out to squash for myself. I can see now how if you only have half of the capsule you actually want to wear- a whole season could be a long time and definitely get boring. So now I have to be even more ruthless. It does not get purchased if it is not a need- aka fills a void that would tie many outfits together, and does not fit the above rubric. No purchases without real thought, consideration and intent.
  5. Clothes can fulfill a value. Back to the values thing! Of course! Why would I not apply my values to what I wear too. My clothes- my wardrobe- or how I wear it is a manifestation of several of my values actually. I am able to use my clothes as an outlet for creativity, creating beauty (something visual that brings me joy) and also adds to my relationship with my husband. When I look good, act confident and accomplish my goals I am more attractive. He said so himself. Direct quote.

Clothes my seem shallow, and just as fabric by themselves, they are just a thing. But it is what clothes can DO that makes them more than that. ok, I’m waxing poetic about pants now so it is time to move on. Want to try an experiment for yourself? You should! Here is how I started. Here is what I wore.  And here are some things to remember when you do:





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