On airplanes & funerals & rental cars

So what do airplanes and funerals and rental cars have in common? Well. Not much. Ha! Jk – this was not a bait and switch I swear.

Given that airplanes and cars are both modes of transportation I can take a moment right here to give thanks for modern technology and transportation. Without them I would not have been able to get to my Grandfather’s funeral this past weekend. I would not have been able to go to the funerals, the family reunions, nor would I have been able to attend my dear friends wedding in the final weeks of my last pregnancy. So. Here is my tribute to planes and cars for allowing me to get where I want to go and see who I want to see all in a days travel.


Well….. that wasn’t really my only musings for today. Today I have been simultaneously basking in the afterglow of 4 days “by myself” and also entertaining the myriad emotions that is my thoughts after such a trip.

sitting in my rental jeep drivers seat all by my lonesome
Just a girl and her rental Jeep after a long day airplaning. yes I just made that word up.

I was privileged by my dear husband to get to go for four days (well, two of them travel) to my Grandfather’s funeral all. by. my. self. And because of said planes and cars I had a lot of time to read and think and even chat with neighbors sitting next to me. (sorry if you just wanted to sit quietly)

In these moments by myself I not only finished a book and started another (woohoo! y’all know how I love to give book reports ; )- ) but I was prompted to revisit and revise my values and perhaps find a way to make it easier for myself, and others to do. So much of the confusion in life, the regret for past decisions and the HOW of moving forward can be addressed by finding out our personal core values. It has changed my life immensely.

My value finding mission is pivotal in helping me do ME in this plan to return to my Father in Heaven, just as my grandfather has now done. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the way and the light and I can better live that gospel knowing who I am daily. I can share the light of Christ by finding and living joyfully.

So I think this year I am going to keep up my efforts to live and parent simply, but I am going to find more ways to share about values. Anyone up for that? I might even try to make some worksheets and guides and reading cheat sheets. That sound of interest? haha- even if it’s not- it’s my party and I’ll make them if I want to

Here’s to you

In the event of someone close dying it is human nature to evaluate our own lives isn’t it? To consider our performance and wonder how long we will have to fulfill our dreams and make a difference in the world.

I am blessed to have wonderful people come in and out of my life and influence me. Whether it is the couple or the man sitting next to me on the plane sharing their life stories or my very own grandparents.

So here’s to you Grandma and Grandpa Winter. Glad you are together again. Thank you for your examples. #eternalfamilies

To Grandma (1932-2007) who taught me to be courageous and go for what you want in life. While following grandpa around in the military even to another country she had 9 children, went back to school, sent grandpa to Vietnam, became a teacher herself, hosted foreign exchange students, went on English missions to China- twice, and always drove fast in her little Porsche.

To Grandpa (1930-2019) who taught me that you always work hard, be generous no matter how little you have, that it is never too late to change for the better, family and country are paramount, serve in whatever capacity you are called, do your church duty, and that ice cream is a food group.

Lucky to get all my grandparents at my wedding.

May you rest in peace Grandpa. Until we meet again.

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