Favorite Things

It may seem counterintuitive with all the decluttering and purposeful living going on to have a page dedicated to purchases, yet, here it is.

I have discovered that I don’t need a million things in my house if I find things that work and last. I can get by  enjoy life more with a few select things that work really well. Some of these things I found during our student years, some during my spendy years, others through the recommendations of others, and the rest from good ol’ research. Take it from me those last two ways of finding good stuff are by far the best! (and the cheapest)
So my gift to you- links to a few of my favorite things– so you don’t have to find them the way I did! I’ll keep adding collages and links here as I find new favorite things.

PicMonkey Image

    1. Vornado Fan -useful and cute to boot
    2. Zebra Pens– awesome ball point pens
    3. Multi Surface Cleaner– multi use natural products help keep things clean- two ways!
    4. Takeya tumbler (as good as Yeti at half the price!)
    5. NYX Makeup Setting Spray– this stuff is pennies compared to name brand and works even better. dewey isn’t really dewey- just flexible and natural.
    6. Mason jars
    7. Soco Anti-Aging Face Serum– like an oil but sinks right in under makeup. liquid gold
    8. Ziploc boxes– these have awesome locking sides and they stack. great for garage or closets- you can see inside too.
    9. Full Circle Dish brush– a good dish brush, and cheap too is a necessity. This one is nice looking and works just great.
    10. Eco Tan Face Water– this feels like water and soaks right in but gives you a “spent yesterday at my son’s baseball game” sort of look, without the damage. It is as regular as moisturizer for me. It means I wear less makeup which is always a good thing.
    11. fullsizeoutput_951Buff Micro Fiber Towel– these towels are amazing. They clean every single surface,

pick up food and junk off the floor with ease, and launder back to white with some oxi or a bleach tab thrown in the wash. They make under my sink look so spiffy too-so bonus points for creating beauty in my cleaning supplies.

  1.  Amazon Basics Notepads– while I love my smart phone and my laptop and being planet friendly and digital, I have a secret love of all things office supplies. And because it brings me joy I allow myself to use pen and notepaper for such things as my brain dump before bed at night and when I take notes from a book I am reading. Oh how it makes me happy! These white ones are the best. Feels like a mini legal pad but its white- score!

I mention some of these items in posts. Others like mason jars, which are good for drinking out of, storing leftovers, or gifting soup, are just things I like to have.

Do you have any favorite household or personal items you’d like to share? I’d love to hear!