What a 5 Gift Christmas Looks Like

So I wanted to share what Christmas gifts our family actually purchased this year with this rule in mind. I had said that we would be implementing the 5 Gift Rule, but it’s always nice to see the results I think. No empty ideas here. Told you I was doing this as well as writing about it.

While this year was not completely easy- figuring out a new way to do things in life never is- it WAS however much less stress. Using the 4 Gift Rule + our DO gifts got me to really think about thoughtful gifts, rather than just trying to fill the space under the tree or buy whatever jumped out at me at the store. Having a rubric to guide me got my shopping done quickly and early! So everyone got the 4 gifts under the tree, a DO gift/experience, Christmas Eve pjs, and 1 Santa gift + stockings. As well as whatever came from grandparents and a cousin in the exchange. Ok, when you start listing all the different parts like Santa, relatives and tree presents it really doesn’t look that minimal at all! That’s a decent haul right there I think for any kid.

So here is a look at what our family purchased to fit the 4 Gift Rule this year! Below are links for your convenience.

|| Carter || 6 yrs

Want: Dinosaur figures (got during our DO kid weekend in Houston)

Need: new sketch books (6)

Wear: basketball shoes for upcoming season

Read: Jigsaw Jones series books (4)

Santa: Lego Dragon (1)

Do: KiwiCo Subscription Box for 5-8 yr olds (10) for one year

PJs Christmas Eve


|| Madison || 3 yrs

Want: shovels to dig outside (9)

Need: puzzles for her age (5)

Wear: Sunday shoes

Read: 2 new board books

Santa: purple monster truck– yes she did in fact ask for this from Santa! (8)

Do: KiwiCo Koala Subscription Box for 3-4 yr olds for one year

PJs Christmas Eve


|| Avery || 1 yr

Want: her own baby doll- her sister will give her this

Need: musical instruments (2) and sharing puzzles with her sister

Wear: bows (7)

Read: quiet book

Santa: fold up balance bike (3)

Do: combined with Santa

PJs Christmas Eve



Family Do Gift #2: electric kid motorbike by Razor

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.13.11 PM
Update: This bike has been a blast for kids and parents alike! We got it on sale at Walmart and it’s awesome! 




In addition to these gifts from us our kids made out like bandits from family. From grandparents and the cousin exchange Christmas squeals were brought on by a mini trampoline, a rocking horse, a REAL baby doll, an ISpy game, a hop on bouncing ball, a spooner board, and super cool spy gear. Told you they made out like bandits. And all our toy purging and minimizing a month ago made the integration of these new things much easier. Probably another 15 minutes is all we will need come the new year. ; )

I hope you found this post to be helpful! Now go make things easier on yourself this year, and for the whole year to come! Don’t shop for, wrap, or pick up more mess than you have to!  Less = more really is a good thing.

Merry Christmas!


No affiliation or sponsorships here- just my opinions and sharing of stuff.

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