Why There Are Only 33 Items in My Closet Right Now

You are probably here from my How to Try a Capsule Wardrobe for 31 Days post. Welcome! If not you might pop over and see what the heck I’m talking about. I am experimenting this month with the wildly popular

capsule wardrobe.

I picked out 33 pieces to create 31 outfits for the month as part of my 360° Challenge to find a simpler more intentional life this year. This month is an exercise in finding contentment in one small aspect of my world- my wardrobe- which prior to the purge was actually not small at all! But here I am. I’ve attempted to model the pieces I chose out  of my closet so you could get an idea of how it works. ALSO I did it to test for myself if the Cladwell app was right and there were enough mix and match possibilities. Besides contentment I am hoping to find an ease in getting ready for the day, less thinking when going out and to see what the fuss over this capsule thing is all about. If a girl who thinks thought she needed tons of outfit options can do this then it really is worth all the hype.

So here is a look at 31 outfit possibilities for January.  Update: I wore almost all of these- except for a few days when our FREEZING temperatures here in Texas called for more layering and my snow jacket to come into play!


I’ve linked to purchasable items above but some items I was unable to get direct links for. Here is a close up at the individual pieces of mine and more links below to the items again or similar ones if mine no longer exist!


1. Aspen sweater

2. Velvet bow back shirt dress

3. Striped button down flannel

4. Black skinny ripped knee jeans

5. Ash platform sneakers (old Nordstrom)- similar here

6. Blue slouchy V-neck t-shirt (old from a boutique in Denver) similar here and here

7. Waterfall vest (old stitch fix)- similar here

8. Long sleeve midi dress

9. Grey toothpick jeans

10. Grey booties

11. Faux leather moto jacket– old but they still have it!

12. Lulus vegan suede leggings– gift

13. Long sleeved striped crew

14. Dansko wedge booties– half gift money

15. Sweater blazer

16. Striped V-neck T-shirt

17. Jeans Jeans Jeans white tee

18. 7 for all Mankind light blue skinny jeans (old Nordstrom Rack)- similar here

19. Off shoulder pink sweater worn as cowl neck

20. Zipper back sweater top– gift

21. Drapey long sleeve shirt in grey

22. Rue La La-Frye Cara Roper boot –  here

23. Chelsea bootie (sold out Nordstrom)- similar here

24. Puffer vest

25/26. Drapey T-shirts in grey and black

27.  Long sleeve fitted pink shirt

28. Chicwish tweed coat (old)- similar here

29. Oversized long cardigan (old Everlane)- similar here

30. 7 for all Mankind theSkinny blue jeans (sold out Nordstrom Rack)- similar here

31.  Sam Edelman nude heels

32. Cashmere V-neck sweater

33. Chambray button down

What is your favorite go to item of clothing? What do you wear most often? What do you wash most often? What would you put in your capsule? Any recommendations? Comment below!

Bonus! In case you cared to know, not that you did; here are some links to my few accessories. (They are not pictured above, well, because that was more work and covered up the capsule items anyway.)


Bostanten Leather Backpack

Apple Watch

apple watch

Grey Ruffle Scarf (old H&M)- couldn’t find a good similar item! darn! Really any scarf will do. Pick one in a neutral that will go with everything and is soft against your skin.

grey scarf

Blue Cashmere Scarf

blue scarf

diamond studs

Diamond stud earrings- old from Costco for our 10 year anniversary in 2015! I seriously wear them every. single. day. Thanks again love for such a perfect gift.



Occasionally, aka rarely, I’ll put on a dangly pair of earrings for an event. I’ve been using these leather feather ones a friend gave me- she makes them! Lightweight enough for me and go with everything. Thanks Whit at Dazzling Hospitality.



And that’s a rap. If I had a wrap in my capsule that would’ve been a fun little pun. Next time. 



*5 Deep Things I Learned From My Wardrobe

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